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Testbed Description

The ANEMONE testbed will be made of existing testbeds and extensions covering campus and metropolitan areas with a large spectrum of real end users for a pertinent evaluation of advanced services and applications. It will also offer a wide range of multimodal and open terminals such as laptops, PDAs, smartphones and an e-vehicle with a mobile router and local devices. First of all, the ANEMONE testbed will be used by the ANEMONE consortium members for research activities in the domain of advanced mobility and multihoming and related security issues. However, the testbed will also be opened to external researchers and will propose a complete infrastructure of service facilities to help R&D teams to focus on their studies rather than on setting upon enhanced test network. The ANEMONE testbed will be modularized in order to facilitate extensions and enhancements. Thus, arbitrary elements of the testbed can be easily replaced by new developments of the ANEMONE consortium or external researchers. Finally, the ANEMONE testbed will facilitate the development and integration of new and enhanced applications and services by offering a complete development and piloting environment.

Anemone testbed.png

ANEMONE Services

  • Mobility Service: Operational (MIPv6, NEMO BS, MCoA, Flow Bindings)
  • Voice over IP: Operational
  • Video on Demand: Operational
  • IPv6 Camera: Operational
  • IPv6 Weather Station: Operational
  • AAA: Not yet operational
  • Testing Service: Not fully operational (only IPv6 Core Protocol)