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Welcome to the IST-ANEMONE website

The current challenges of the Internet are to accommodate future needs and usages such as billions of fixed and mobile users and devices, reliable transport of all type of data and ubiquitous, seamless and uninterrupted access. This results in a growing demand of researchers and developers for an open testbed to validate new complex applications, services and devices in a mobile and wireless context. Thus, the primary goal of the ANEMONE project is to provide them with such a playground and help inventing tomorrow’s world. The ANEMONE project will realize a large-scale testbed providing support of mobile users and devices and enhanced services by integrating cutting edge IPv6 mobility and multihoming initiatives together with the majority of current and future wireless access technologies.

For more information about the project, please navigate through the different pages:

  • Consortium: list of partners involved in the ANEMONE project
  • Testbed: description of the testbed features
  • Third Party experiments: instructions on how to use the ANEMONE testbed and the past experiments hosted
  • Events: upcoming and past events related to the ANEMONE project
  • Documents: project deliverables and scientific papers
  • Tutorial: tutorials in relation with the work done on the project
  • Links: external links related to the ANEMONE project
  • Contact Us: contact details for additional information

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